Repayment Assistance Programme for Microenterprise and SME Application Form

We will continue to support customers who require repayment assistance for their term loan, trade facility and/or overdraft facility from 1 January 2022. Please complete the attached form and submit to us. We will respond to you within 1 working day.

For enquiry or more info, please call our Business Engagement Team hotline at 03-2616 6800 (Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm). Alternatively, you may email them at

Relief Assistance Request
Normal restructuring & rescheduling programme

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Form Title

By submitting this form, I/ We hereby declare the following:

  • The Company's business is affected by the movement restrictions and we have difficulties meeting our repayment/ payment obligations;

  • The Company is not wound up or subject to an existing winding up petition/ notice;

  • The Company’s loan/financing is presently not under rehabilitation with Credit Counselling and Debt Management Agency (AKPK);

  • I/We declare that I/we am/are the duly authorised/empowered director/partner/sole-proprietor to request for opt-in of the above package; and

  • I/We do not have a guarantor/joint borrower for my/our loan/financing; OR
    • Our guarantor is CGC/SJPP; OR
    • We have obtained consent from the guarantor/joint borrower for my selected option.

We understand the following:

  • We have the option to engage the Bank to revise the monthly repayment/ payment amount and/ or schedule if our financial's improve to reduce overall borrowing/ financing costs;

  • We agree to furnish the Bank with relevant information as may be required by the Bank from time to time;

  • Where required, we need to sign relevant documents to complete the legal documentation, including those related to guarantors or joint accounts and/or variation agreements for Hire Purchase/ Fixed rate loan/financing;

  • The Bank reserves the right to modify/rescind the repayment/payment assistance if we have found to have false, misleading or incomplete representation in this application; and

  • If we have missed our instalments that are due and unpaid in full by more than 90 days at the date of this application, we agree for the Bank to offer us a customised solution that is more suitable for our financial circumstances. This may include sharing our loan/financing details with AKPK for further financial advice on managing our debt and allowing AKPK to access our CCRIS information.

I agree to accept and to be bound by the terms in the approval letter issued by the Bank.


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